Truly my soul waiteth upon God: from Him cometh my salvation

God is our savior, He designed us from before the foundation of the world and deserves the glory and honor of all His creation.

In God we are more than secure, although storms and difficulties come, we do not faint because God sustains us and keeps us day after day, there are no walls or barriers that stop us.

At all times we must be confident and believe that His mercy will guide us and keep us forever, because there is no darkness that can face us, His light shines on us in valleys of darkness, because our souls wait upon the Lord.

Whose salvation comes but from God? There is no other in which we can be secure. Only God is the one who gives us security and allows us to see His wonderful salvation, this salvation that fills us with life and we trust Him, because faithful is He from whom our salvation comes.

Truly my soul waiteth upon God: from him cometh my salvation.

Psalm 62:1

These words are very encouraging, the expression of the previous verse motivates us to trust and believe in His divine salvation.

These words can be spoken with great confidence, because we will have peace in the Lord. We do not believe that adversities are greater than our God who is before us. Sometimes doubt can visit us, but if we are sure in the Lord, that doubt will quickly go away from your life.

Let us remember something very important, we must have words of honor every day for our Lord, that when we pray we can also mention and say this words of truth, of weight, that with authority we can say “Oh Lord, from You comes my joy, my refuge and my salvation, because only in You my waits, only in You can I fully trust because You are the God of my salvation”.

The life that pleases God
For Your love and sacrifice, we prostrate and honor You Lord

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