This church paid off the debts of its faithful

Unfortunately, many people have certain economic limitations that plunge them into deep debts and more when it comes to health. And let us not believe that this is not up to Christians, well, imagine, we being believers also have debts, since life is not as it is painted in certain prosperity preaching.

And speaking of debts, as our title says, there is a church that together with a nonprofit organization is working to eliminate the medical debts of its faithful. This is wonderful news, because who does not want their debts to be paid? I hope this is seen more often.

Stephen Hayes is the senior pastor of Covenant Church and said the following words:

We were able, in partnership with RIP Medical, to eliminate a little more than $10 million in debt.

Pastor Hayes continued saying:

Covenant, without me saying anything, you have been so generous, we had money set aside in our benevolence fund, our mission fund, they gave much and more than what was needed, 4,229 families will receive a letter by mail this week, within a 20 mile radius of each campus, saying its debt their completely gone.

This is honestly a great blessing, and good for those people, since they have something less to think about. God is good!

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