The Bible has returned to the government the palace in Bolivia

After the resignation of Evo Morales to the presidency of Bolivia, the interim president Jeanine Áñez, who held the position of second vice president of the Senate, expressed the following when addressing the former Government Palace: The Bible returns to the Palace.

While walking with difficulty among the group of opponents that accompanied her, Áñez, with her arms outstretched and The Holy Scriptures like a shield pronounced: “He has allowed the Bible to return to the Palace, may He bless us”. While saying this, those who were there exclaimed: “Glory to God.”

Áñez recognized the civic and social movements for thinking only of Bolivia: “This is for Bolivia, the indigenous brothers also accompany us, the peasant brothers also accompany us, the churches accompany us, because this is what Bolivia wants, to live in peace, live in democracy, live in freedom, we bet on it and we risk it and it could be done”. That’s what Áñez said when she declared herself president.

It is good to know that not everything is lost in this world, and that in the midst of these tribulations we can see the hand of God working at the end. May God continue to bless Bolivia and may we continue to see God’s Word penetrate the houses of government of the different countries around the world.

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