Government of Uganda closes ten thousand churches

86% of Ugandans profess Christianity, this high percentage implies that Christianity is the predominant religion of the country and that Uganda has numerous Christian temples, especially evangelicals.

According to sources, the Ugandan government has made the decision after “Absolute Control in Numbers” training to obtain the right of temples, including religious NGOs working within Uganda. This for many is a way to deprive the church of their freedom of worship.

After this Ugandan government law, more than 12 thousand temples and non-governmental organizations have already been closed, which do not comply with the requirements control created by the Ugandan government.

Ugandans have stated that the government gave them the freedom to worship, but that they are now depriving them of that right. And that, we are talking about a country where 86% of the population professes Christianity as their religion, and with all this, they are facing a difficult situation.

Why is the government closing temples in Uganda? They are closing them because the government has already expressed its rules on the matter, saying that they must register as companies in the Uganda Department of Services (USRB) and in the NGO council.

For many religious leaders this law is absurd since they do not consider the church as an NGO. In other countries such as Angola, this type of law has already been created.

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