The sinners will receive their punishment

This is the transitory character of the life of human beings: The character of people and speaking without restraint and without wisdom can easily utter disorderly words and sin against God.

Everyone who has no brake on his tongue will soon receive his punishment, we must keep something well in mind: The Lord has always wanted to direct us on the right path, removing all sin and everything that can divert us from His truth.

When thou with rebukes dost correct man for iniquity, thou makest his beauty to consume away like a moth: surely every man is vanity. Selah.

Psalm 39:11

Almighty God is the one who punishes sinners, those whose tongues have no brakes and whose thoughts are only evil, the Lord will punish them.

That is why we see the words of the psalmist when he says at the beginning. “I said: I will attend to my ways, so as not to sin with my tongue; I will keep my mouth with bridle.”

David knew that man’s tongue must be restrained, because if it has no brake, sin enters that person’s life and there would be practically no escape, only God’s mercy.

Let us heed this call and advice from the psalmist David, we must hold our tongues so as not to sin. Because he who does not, will be in danger before the Lord, because God punishes sinners.

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