The wicked will not dwell with God

The wicked, the one with a perverse mind, cannot be close to the Lord because His heart is full of evil and his thoughts are corrupted.

God is not a God who is pleased foi tose who do bad things, rather the Lord wants people to turn away from their evil ways, to leave bad thoughts and follow the good work of the Lord, and in this way they will be able to dwell with God Almighty.

Everyone who does evil receives his punishment, that is why the psalmist himself says the words that we show below:

For thou art not a God that hath pleasure in wickedness: neither shall evil dwell with thee.

Psalm 5:4

In this psalm David asked the Lord for protection, due to the persecution he received, he fought, but under God’s direction.

In this prayer the psalmist asks God for his life, to take care of him, to have mercy, and in the midst of this request we see this declaration that the wicked will not be with God.

Dear brother and friend who reads this, if you like to do evil, remember that there is a God who sees everything and will pay you according to your works. You already know that the wicked will not dwell with Him for eternity. So if you don’t want to be consumed like tow on the fiery day, repent.

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