Because You, Lord, bless the righteous, with a shield

Everyone who is righteous is blessed by God because He loves and likes to do justice day after day, he who does justice always thinks of everything he does, to do it for the Lord, he does not do evil like many, so he is cared for by God with shield.

What shall we say then of those who deviate from the ways of God? These become bad and they no longer practice justice but do evil to their neighbors. These are not the same because their lives change because the enemy takes away that grace that they possessed from God, that by turning away from God they moved away until they fell.

The blessings that the righteous receive come from God because God sees the effort that each one makes to do good, to help everyone who needs.

For thou, Lord, wilt bless the righteous; with favour wilt thou compass him as with a shield.

Psalm 5:12

People who are righteous do justice and love justice, have mercy, are kind and help everyone who need them even if they are enemies. It doesn’t matter to them, they know that God looks at them from the heavens.

To each one of these people who love doing justice, God strengthens them every day so that they continue to do the good work with their neighbors. God covers them from all evil of the enemy.

The favor of God surrounds day after day each of these people who do justice with others, God is pleased to see everyone who does mercy and that is why His grace overflows greatly over them.

The shield of God is always in their defense, to defend them from any attack that comes against those who love His justice, who maintain sincerity and truth before the Lord.

Trust in God
Love and you will know God because God is love

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