When you ask God, wait on Him

When we turn to God to ask for something, we must do it very carefully because we can sin against God. I say this because many when they are desperate for a problem or family situation question God why God has not answered them.

The attitude we should have when we go to ask God is humbly and patiently, so as not to lose control and sin against God. That is why we must have self-control.

When you ask God, He will arrive at the right time, for God will not put a burden that you cannot born, but He allows all this to make you stronger and more resistant to the trials that come into your life.

For every one that asketh receiveth; and he that seeketh findeth; and to him that knocketh it shall be opened.

Matthew 7:8

Despair will come for you to sin against God, but if you overcome that despair, it will be better for you.

That is why if you ask God you will receive by your spirit of humility and patience, that when you look for Him you will find Him, because you are looking for Him calmly and with love and that is why you will find Him. When He knocks on the door, He will open it because you went to Him with a spirit of meekness and patience. You will receive because you knew how to wait on the Lord without questioning Him, without telling Him things that will make you sin against Him. So trust Him and wait for His time and everything will come.

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