A just God, who hears the prayer of the righteous

Without a doubt, the Lord is the one who helps us to stand up to all the adversities that arise every day in our paths, prayer is the means we use to talk with God.

God is a just God, who loves justice and loves the righteous, this is the reason why God has mercy that even though we fail before Him, He forgives us and His goodness is with us.

The eyes of the Lord are upon the righteous, and his ears are open unto their cry.

Psalm 34:15

There are times when we see people going through one or several difficulties, but these difficulties that we have come with doubt, and these doubts begin to run through our interior, and we begin to ask ourselves, “Why am I praying, if when I pray God does not listen to me?”.

But it is not that God does not listen to us, but that the Lord responds when He knows that it is necessary and not when we want. We must understand that the eyes of God are on us, He looks at the afflictions of the just, the Lord does not let him die because He arrives on time.

The righteous cry, and the Lord heareth, and delivereth them out of all their troubles.

Psalm 34:17

The Almighty God is always with His ears attentive to the prayer of the righteous, let us not to think that He does not listen to us, because it is not how we think.

If God does not hear our cry, then who is the one who delivers us? If is not God, who is? Because for Him we are here, He is the one who frees us from the trap of the hunter, as the psalmist David says, who was freed several times from the hands of the evil one by the Lord. Pray and do not despair, because He hears your prayer.

God crowns you with favors and mercy
Standing steadfast in the hands of God

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5 comments on “A just God, who hears the prayer of the righteous

  1. A just God, who hears; the prayer of the righteous

    If we have believed in the name of Jesus by faith in him, who is the begotten Son of God, that has died for us and rose again, we are justified before God and become righteous people by Jesus Christ.

    The eyes of the Lord are upon the righteous, and his ears are open unto their cry. Psalm 34:15

    Then the Lord God sees us with pleasure, because the Lord Jesus has cleansed us of our sins, and in Him we are adopted children of God, righteous people, heirs of His Glory.

    If we are sometimes in trouble, we need to be helped. The Word of God tells us the Lord hears us and cares about our cry.
    He comes to help us, and he does this when he pleases, in his wisdom to act.
    We must wait on him going on in prayer.

    If the Lord delays his answer, it is good to learn what may be the reason
    for our troubles, so that we could improve
    perhaps, our bad habits or behaviour in our lives. For instance: maybe somebody is a cigarrette smoker and he gets lung cancer. It is kown there is a connetion between cigarrettes and cancer.

    The Lord God loves us and wants to help us in every situation.

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