The good fight of the faith

What is a battle? This can be defined as a fight between two or more contenders where a group or a person will get the victory. Battles are often painful and risky, and you never know who will win, since this will depend on the skill of each one. Soldiers always end up with a lot of pain and others end up horrified and traumatized by going to war and do not have the desire to go back, because it is really painful.

But among us, those we who serve does not happen exactly the same. Our battles are painful, because we do not fight simply against a physical world but against a spiritual one, and this makes our battles more painful and dangerous, unlike those soldiers who go to war in a physical world, which often does not know if they will win. Our case is totally different, in advance we know that the victory is ours because we serve the King of the universe, which helps us in each of our battles.

Is this a battle to grieve or is this a bad battle? No! It is the best of all battles. Paul told young Timothy:

Fight the good fight of the faith. Take hold of the eternal life to which you were called when you made your good confession in the presence of many witnesses.

1 Timothy 6:12

Paul does not see this great fight as a bad battle, it is incredible, he sees it as a good battle. You know why? Because it is the only battle where we receive an eternal reward, where we receive an incorruptible crown. However, in the world we can win other battles, but none of them guarantees us the eternity that this good battle gives us. And Paul continues saying: “Take hold of eternal life.”

As we fight the good fight of faith we lay hold of eternal life. Do not weaken, no matter how hard the battle is, how tedious all this is, keep fighting! because one day we will receive a reward which is eternal and this must be the most important thing for us, since everything else perishes.

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