The wicked borrows, and DOES NOT PAY

In Psalm 37, David speaks of the way of evil men. At the beginning of this chapter, we can see what he said about the ungodly man.

The conduct of the wicked man was very different from that of the righteous. The psalmist advises not to be impatient because of evil men or to be envious of them, since they would soon be cut off because their fruits are not good.

The great difference between the righteous man and the wicked is that the righteous man is merciful, honest, and gives generously, while the wicked borrows and does not pay because of his bad behavior.

Therefore, this chapter highlights the difference between these two types of people:

The wicked borroweth, and payeth not again: but the righteous sheweth mercy, and giveth.

Psalm 37:21

While the righteous man does good, shows his good works, acts with mercy and gives to the needy, the wicked borrows and does not pay, mistreats those around him and has no mercy because there is evil in his heart.

You, who are a faithful servant before the Lord, who do justice, love and have mercy, are a true child of God. But we will see those who practice evil, who borrow and do not pay; these will be cut off and punished by God.

Brothers, let us not lose patience or be envious, as the psalmist tells us. Instead, let us look to the Lord, practice good works, and move forward.

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