You will destroy everyone who turns away from You

There have been many who have strayed from the presence of God, they have abandoned the Lord to practice evil and become greatly rich. That is why judgment will fall on each of those who have turned away from the Lord if they do not return in time to the Lord God of hosts.

For the Lord is God over all things, and in Him there is life, since we pass from death to eternal life. But if we, as children of God and with the security that we have, turn away from Him, then the judgment of the Lord will come, fall and destroy everyone who turns away from his path.

In chapter 73, in verse 27, Asaph shows the sentence that is given to the man who turns away from the way of the Lord. But below he also talks about how he had to continue on the path of the Lord because He is his hope.

For, lo, they that are far from thee shall perish: thou hast destroyed all them that go a whoring from thee.

Psalms 73:27

The good of God will always be with those who keep his path and do not depart. This is our hope and our refuge. Turning away from the almighty God will cause great evil in our lives. God’s judgment will come and reach everyone who turns away from the Lord.

It is evident that Asaph knew that being away from the presence of the Lord was the one thing he could not do, since his feet and his heart would lead him down the slide.

As children of God, we must pay close attention to this call. Pray to the Lord if you feel that your heart is moving away, so that God may give you strength and help you. God bless you.

The Lord does not forsake His saints
God is good to the pure in heart

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