Grace and peace be multiplied to you

In the first verses of the second epistle of Peter, the apostle Peter speaks of those who have come to the knowledge of the Lord Jesus, wishing them peace and that God’s grace be multiplied to them.

This wish of the author is due to those who have acquired enormous faith through the divine justice of the almighty God, so that grace also abounds in the knowledge that comes from the Lord.

In this letter, we can see that as we seek the Lord more, our knowledge increases in grace and faith in the Lord.

Grace and peace be multiplied unto you through the knowledge of God, and of Jesus our Lord,

2 Peter 1:2

For a believer to acquire knowledge, he must have an encounter with the Lord, seeking His wisdom, through which we will find love, peace and security.

That is why we see the desire of this great man of God, urging those who have obtained this knowledge that comes from the Lord, that they may be filled with peace and that the grace of the Lord may be multiplied to them, so that they may obtain mercy and the divine love of God.

Brothers in Christ, those of you who care about growing in knowledge to be able to achieve the salvation of the Lord, the apostle wishes that the grace of the almighty God will be multiplied and that peace will always cover you. God bless you.

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