Curse, deceit and fraud: That’s what the tongue of the wicked is full of

The mouth of the wicked, their thoughts full of deceit and their lying tongue, are perverse and commit fraud; their ways lead them to perdition.

In the psalm that we will see in this article, the psalmist asks God for the destruction of evil men, those whose thoughts are full of evil and commit recklessness without considering the consequences they will cause. Therefore, David says the following:

His mouth is full of cursing and deceit and fraud: under his tongue is mischief and vanity.

Psalm 10:7

“Why are you so far away, Jehovah? Why do you hide yourself in times of tribulation?” These are the words of a desperate warrior, who recognizes the evil present in these men. He is so distraught that he asks God to destroy them.

From time to time, we have witnessed the evil that dwells in the world, the deceit that resides in its hearts. In them there are curses, frauds and their thoughts are full of evil.

God’s judgment is about to fall on the wicked men who follow corrupt ways, because their mouth is full of deceit.

Neither fraud, nor wickedness, nor deceit, nor the man whose mouth is full of curses are pleasing before the Lord. If you are following this path, repent.

Because He has magnified His mercy upon us
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