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The verse that we will see in this article is a supplication psalm that the psalmist David directs to the Lord. He found refuge and security in the commandments of the Lord. He did not give up before his adversaries, trusting that God would help him in his pursuit.

This psalm teaches us that there is no other God in whom we can trust, which is why we must believe in the truth of all His commandments. The verse makes it clear that those who persecuted him for no reason experienced the presence and help of Almighty God.

Can we affirm the same? Do we ask the Lord for help when we need it?

All thy commandments are faithful: they persecute me wrongfully; help thou me.

Psalm 119:86

Our thoughts must always be focused on His truth. His word sustains us, fills us with wisdom, strengthens us and gives us hope in the certainty that our God will respond when we ask for help.

The psalmist understood that by placing his hope in the true commandments, he could trust in God’s help. As children of God, we too can turn to the Lord for help in our daily lives, especially in difficult times, just like David. We have his word as his basis and we know that our lives are based on it.

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