Do you have faith?

There is a Christian song that says “if you try everything and everything fails you, try Christ”, and it is that in life we try to find happiness in different things and we do not find it, since many times we look for this happiness in things that for nothing makes the soul happy, until one day we fall at the feet of Christ.

Do you have faith? A person who has faith receives the strength of God to always be firm, and to think about the good works of the Lord in his life, because it is easy for anyone who lacks faith to be shot down by satan.

In the verse that we will see next, Paul wants people to be able to focus on doing things in faith, because if we do not act in faith, then the consequence of this is sin.

Hast thou faith? have it to thyself before God. Happy is he that condemneth not himself in that thing which he alloweth.

Romans 14:22

This is a great teaching so that we can do things with faith, act with faith before God, because it is by faith that we can know God, since we have not seen Him, but we know His words and His enormous presence and caring for us.

The apostle exhorts us brothers in faith, so that we can move forward in the faith that is in the Lord, that we do everything with faith, so that we can use that faith with us before God. So, if you feel that you are acting before the Lord with faith, then ask God, approach him and he will help you.

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