The one who heals all your ailments

The Lord is the one who has sustained us with His powerful hands, and we have countless testimonies that we find both in His word and known and unknown people who testify of the greatness that Christ has done in them.

Let us not hesitate to go before our God when we have ailments, when we feel without courage, without the strength to continue. God will always be there to help us.

Who forgiveth all thine iniquities; who healeth all thy diseases;

Psalm 103:3

God’s blessings are the best since day by day we are cared for by Him, His forgiveness and mercy reach us. Our God is the one who gets us out of the bad situations in which we find ourselves involved day by day.

Trust faithfully in the Lord, God is your justice and the one who favors you, great in mercy. Believe and trust that God is your comfort, your quick help in the most difficult moments.

When you feel tired, sick, sad, go before the Lord and pray, He will help you, be your comfort and forgive your mistakes.

Do not keep company with anyone named a brother but is a fornicator, covetous, idolator, a railer, a drunkard or a thief
The mist of darkness is reserved for false prophets and false teachers

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