The wicked will be struck down by God

The verse that we will see in this article belongs to a psalm written by David, and it is shown asking the Lord for his life, this was a plea for God to take care of him and help him to be able to continue in His law.

In this plea we can see very clearly what the psalmist was doing, he was asking the Lord to give each bad man his pay because they appeared to be good, but his heart was full of evil.

We all know that the wicked will soon have their pay, since their wickedness is great, and when they manifest themselves against a child of God, they also do so against the living God himself. In our prayers to the Lord, we must do this thing that the psalmist did:

Because they regard not the works of the Lord, nor the operation of his hands, he shall destroy them, and not build them up.

Psalm 28:5

We must ask the Lord to have mercy on us, not to let us fall like those evil men will fall for their wickedness, to protect us with His majestic power.

All the bad guys will soon be judged and God will pay them for their bad deeds, they will be knocked down and likewise they will stay because their hearts are rotten.

Because you prayed to the Lord, you will be released, but the wicked will be destroyed for their evil deeds. The mighty hand of God will fall upon them.

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