Why do people leave the church?

This question is not easy to answer in itself, since people leave churches for different situations. But, before continuing, I want to tell you that this article is not based on “changing the congregation”, but on “abandoning the Christian faith”, “ceasing to be Christians” or as many say “returning to the world”.

To the question of the title of this article we will find an ocean of answers. But, if we were to answer in order of priority we should start with “the doctrine”. Yes, people leave the church mostly because of doctrinal problems, because they feel that in the place where they congregate the Bible is not being taught as it should be taught.

They end up disappointed to have to listen to things that are not in the Bible but are preached as if they were in the Bible and as if the Bible forced the faithful to fulfill them.

Although, the other side of the coin is that there are people who leave the church because they do not support the solid doctrine of the gospel that attacks their sins and bad habits and that is why they prefer to live a life outside the things of God.

Another reason we can mention is that people leave the church “because they stop believing in God.” Many people around the world have gone through certain trials of illness, of a bad economy, among other serious problems that can occur and have felt that the hand of God has not been with them, and this can also be due to a bad doctrine about who God is.

From this we can say that, you should not leave the church for doctrinal problems, the best thing you could do is to go to another congregation where the Gospel of Christ is preached, but you should never look at an option to stop serving God.

And in the second instance, we cannot force anyone to believe in God, we can only pray for those people and as we have the opportunity to talk with them.

Let us understand that, the church of Christ is not perfect, the church of the Lord has flaws, errors, defects, but it is the church of the Lord. Do not let us down from the church, let’s try to cope and build on the rock that is Christ.

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