Don’t be envious of evil men

The Bible teaches us about the prosperity of the bad, and tells us that we should not be envious of bad people, because all they have in their thoughts are bad things.

Should we be envious of the one who practices evil? The bad man only thinks of doing harm, of planning how he is going to do evil to others. That is why we should not associate with them or do what they do, because their end will be very terrible.

That is why in the following verse of Proverbs he tells us that we should not envy evil men, nor associate with them, nor desire to be with them nor participate in their bad thoughts that are not pleasing before God:

Be not thou envious against evil men, neither desire to be with them.

Proverbs 24:1

It is evident that this proverb warns us about the evils that an evil man has, about his dirty thoughts, that is why as children of God we must be far from this type of people.

It is very difficult to deal with people like these, since in this world we are surrounded by many people like this, it is good that we pray to the Lord to cover us and give us wisdom and to be able to see everything around us. Let us not trust or be envious of the bad man.

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