The Lord will destroy the house of the proud

In this article we will see the words of a wise man, who knew how to listen to the Lord on his way, who knew how to ask for wisdom before material things, and the Lord blessed him, both with wisdom and with material things.

It is clear that all those who choose pride, because they stand against the Lord, do not walk under His Word and will always be people who will walk clumsily, their houses will be devastated.

But those who will receive the inheritance of the Lord are “the widow” to whom God will establish his house, this house will not be desolate because those who walk according to the wisdom of the Lord will be blessed:

The Lord will destroy the house of the proud: but he will establish the border of the widow.

Proverbs 15:25

God himself is the one who will bring evils and hardships to the houses of those proud, these houses will be demolished because their construction was carried out without wisdom, this is what happens with proud men. But those who are faithful and wise in the Lord will be affirmed and will walk without fear.

Do not forget that God himself is the one who makes man able to stand up, that is why we must be wise and follow the Lord, walk according to his will. Because only he is the one who will help us and affirm our homes and families.

Sinners will be destroyed by their own wickedness
They made fun of me a lot but I did not stray from Your ways

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