Calamities will rain down on the wicked

Great evils will fall on the wicked, on these evil-minded people who only think of doing evil, those people whose hearts are blackened with evil.

The psalmist David speaks some words that those wicked people do not want to read or hear, we can clearly see that the judgment that will come on this type of people, calamities will fall on them, that will be their reward for a life full of evil.

Upon the wicked he shall rain snares, fire and brimstone, and an horrible tempest: this shall be the portion of their cup.

Psalm 11:6

On the wicked, God will rain harsh calamities, because God’s judgment is at the door for the wicked, for all those who from ancient times and up to the present day walked through dark paths, a terrible end awaits them on the day of judgment.

God in his entirety hates the man of evil, so let’s understand this message because destruction comes upon the wicked, calamities and sulfur will cover them. God is God and his power is great.

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