Arrogant! Stop your bragging, that’s bad

Every vain and greedy person will only ask the Lord for goods and riches, the power to boast of everything they can, fighting as much as they can to obtain everything. This before the Lord is very bad.

The man who pursues all these things, because his heart only looks at earthly things, his life can never reach the kingdom of heaven, nor will he have a long life in Jesus. That is why in the letter of James he tells us about the judgment and the warning to the arrogant people:

But now ye rejoice in your boastings: all such rejoicing is evil.

James 4:16

The author mentions something very important in this chapter, because he was talking about how they get tired of asking and asking for things that do not build up their lives, they only asked to satisfy their carnal desires and never to build up their soul.

That is why the author recommends asking the Lord well, since many focused on asking for his delights, that is why he says, you ask and you do not receive, because it is because you are asking wrong.

Siblings. God commands us to focus on his kingdom and his righteousness, since other things can come later. God knows our situations, do not focus on material things more than spiritual things, since material things are fleeting, but spiritual things will last forever.

Don't meddle with the loose tongue
Calamities will rain down on the wicked

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