God raises the poor from the dust

God is the one who supports the poor, helps them, lifts them out of their situations, puts them on high so that they know that power and mercy belong to the Lord.

His goodness reaches the poor and lifts him from his calamities, protects widows, blesses the barren and the needy. Let us praise our God for His great wonders, for His feats, because today we are here because of His great love for us.

You are worthy, Lord, that you pity the poor, you take him out of calamities and do not let him die in the desert. That is why we find these encouraging words that give encouragement to the poor:

He raiseth up the poor out of the dust, and lifteth the needy out of the dunghill;

Psalm 113:7

It is good to note how Psalm 113 begins, giving praise to the Lord, glorifying His holy name forever and ever.

Who is like our Lord who is in heaven? There will be no other as kind as our God, there is only one true God who raises the poor and the humble of heart from the dust. Let us give thanks forever and only to Him.

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