Deliver my soul Lord

As human beings that we are, sometimes we make requests before our God, we are weak and our only strength comes from the Lord. If you find us in a worrying situation in your life, do not forget that you can go before the Lord so that he may free you from what persecutes you.

Chapter 6 of the book of psalms, we can note the psalmist’s plea before the Lord to deliver him in his anger or in his wrath. The psalmist says: Do not punish me and have mercy.

Then verse 4 David addresses a few words to the Lord, asking him to help him and save him and not pour out his wrath on him.

Return, O Lord, deliver my soul: oh save me for thy mercies’ sake.

Psalm 6:4

The psalmist David was always very attentive, not only in times of trial he was seen praising the Lord, rather at all times the psalmist asked the Lord to help him in times of trial and God came to his aid because the prayers of this man were from the heart.

It is good that we are people who do not seek God for our convenience, but because God saved us and cares for us under His mighty mercies.

Seek God at all times, good or bad. Always keep asking me to free your soul because you don’t know when the enemy will come to want to stop you. Remember that God will always be your helper.

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