The greedy is consumed by envy

This is the fate of the foolish man, he always lives subject to anger, that is why his path will be a path full of envy and his thoughts of evil.

But it is very clear that even the one who is greedy is gradually consumed by the same envy, since his thoughts get worse and worse. This type of person wants the things of the others and only wants to live looking at the prosperity of others for them to act with anger.

After Job cursed the day he was born, Eliphaz gave Job advice in the form of a rebuke, and between his words he said the following:

For wrath killeth the foolish man, and envy slayeth the silly one.

Job 5:2

It is evident that Eliphaz’s intention with Job was to help him, so that Job would not become a foolish man, since the foolish man is accompanied by many things that are not pleasing before the Lord.

The foolish man is very free of thought; envy, vanity and greed surround his heart, also his own deeds and bad thoughts lead him down a very dark path.

Are you a foolish person? It is important that you stand aside and follow good advice and good wisdom, and the best way is to follow the way of the Lord, since He can cleanse your heart.

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