I have no greater joy than this

In the third letter of the apostle John, addressed to Gaius, the apostle wishes blessings and health, he felt joyful because he knew that those who were far from him were walking under the command of the Lord.

For Juan it was an enormous blessing to know that his children in faith continued on the right path. In the first verses of the only chapter of this third letter of John, the great joy of this man of God was noted, in addition to the praise for the hospitality and service of Gaius, that is why John says:

I have no greater joy than to hear that my children walk in truth.

3 John 1:4

What an enormous blessing it is to know that the people who have entered the Ways of the Lord thanks to you, continue firm in the faith! And not only that, the disciples of John had not allowed themselves to be contaminated by the false teachings of those times, that is why the greatness of John’s rejoicing.

Juan wanted this man to do well, and that on his way he would be prosperous and healthy. Brothers in Christ Jesus, let us be joyful in the ways of God and hope in his promises, let us walk under his will and be joyful of those who carry the truth and wish them health and prosperity.

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