Paul Washer: How to Share the Gospel with an Atheist

In a very interesting panel, a man who was once an atheist, but has now learned about the gospel, asks an interesting question: How can I share the gospel with my family who is an atheist? Especially the man had conversations with his sister about evidences of the existence of God and he wanted to know how to deal with these things.

I love the way Paul Washer begins his answer by saying that no answer about science or culture will convert these people to Christ, only the Gospel will.

If she has an honest question, like, what about evolution? You can answer that question, but not thinking that by answering all her questions, you’re going to bring her to Christ. It is the power of the gospel. It is always the power of the gospel. And I love what Spurgeon and others have said. You know, with the Scriptures, you don’t have to defend the Scriptures any more than you have to defend a lion and let him out of the cage. he’ll defend himself.

He also spoke about how important it is not to appear fanatic in front of an atheist or an unbeliever, saying that if they don’t want to hear the message of salvation, we should just stop and not bother them. He gave the example of a person that he had next to him on a plane, he asked permission to share the Gospel with him, that man said no, to which Washer continued with the previous conversation as normal.

In the end, that man apologized for the way he treated him, and this leads us to think that that man did not leave thinking that “evangelicals” are fanatics, and we must be very careful with this, knowing how far we can preach to an unbeliever.

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