Pastor used to bath with clothes so as not to lose his salvation

Pastor David Miranda Neto was invited to the Hub Podcast and made a comment about the rigid beliefs he had about wearing clothes when taking a bath. These rigid doctrines are present today in certain congregations, where they say that something as simple as bathing in shorts on the beach is a sin.

Pastor David Miranda affirmed that today he no longer has those restrictions, but there was a time when he believed that he could lose his salvation if he took a shower without clothes, because if Jesus came, he could not leave with Him, so I explain it in the podcast. These restrictions made the majority of members in the church to be elderly, well, I don’t think that young people want to belong to a place where there are restrictions as ridiculous as these. David expressed:

Today, 95% of the church members are seniors who were saved at the height of David Miranda’s ministry.

The young pastor concluded by reflecting on how many young people are no longer in their church because of the legalism that existed before:

Where they are the young? God is Love is not reached to youth. There are many children of pastors, members, who couldn’t even stay because of this rigid culture.

Leave your opinion on the subject in the comments, what other things like these have you heard that are prohibited in some congregations?

NOTE: If you know the Portuguese language and want to listen to the entire interview, we leave it here below:

David Miranda Neto

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