God is God, near and far

Among the people of Israel, the false prophets were notable, they made the people believe in false and invented words so that the people would walk on evil and dangerous paths.

The false prophets brought false hope to those who followed the way of the Lord to deceive them and take them away from God’s purpose, but you know what? Soon they would receive their rewards according to their evil deeds.

Many of these false prophets made many of the people fall for their lies, thus doing everything that was not pleasing to the Lord.

The Lord is Almighty, whether from afar or up close, He finds us and sees us, that is why we see these words spoken by the Lord to those false prophets:

Am I a God at hand, saith the Lord, and not a God afar off?

Jeremiah 23:23

The Lord reminded those false prophets that God was closer than they believed, since no matter where they were, they would receive their punishment for leading the children of God by another path.

The judgment of those false prophets was closer than they thought. Today there are also false prophets, that is why we also have the Words of the Lord so that we can recognize when there is a false prophet who wants to deceive us and divert us from the purpose of the Lord.

For this you should give thanks unto the Lord
Justified by faith

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