The Savior of the world

He looked like the one sent by God, who sacrificed Himself greatly so that we can be closer to the Lord, so that through His sacrifice we can obtain forgiveness of our sins.

Our salvation comes from the One who did not hesitate to give himself up to be put on a cross as a sacrifice for our sins, an event never seen before and never to be seen again.

But we know that many even of the same disciples were able to see everything that happened there with Jesus, that is why through the Scriptures we can bear witness to this fact that marked the world in a great way.

And we have seen and do testify that the Father sent the Son to be the Saviour of the world.

1 John 4:14

In this verse, John is not talking about just any person, he is talking about the Savior of the world, the one rich in power and mercy, who is served by millions of angels who surround Him and praise Him all the time. This is our Lord, who has all authority.

This sacrifice made by our Lord always has to live in our memories, that is why we should give thanks to our Lord, because He loved us first.

So, brothers in Christ, we are his children, let’s go ahead showing the Savior of the world. Friend who reads this article, we recommend that you approach the Savior of the world, He is your God.

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