My expectation is from Him

My refuge and my hope come from the Lord, my life and my path will always be safe only in Him. That’s why I trust in Him with all my heart, He alone is my shield and raises me up with great strength.

Our lives every day must rest in the arms of the Creator, trusting Him fully, that is why we must keep in mind that there is no one else in whom we can place our trust. God is the one who makes it possible for us to follow the path of good, makes it possible for us to cross any valley of shadow without any fear, because we have placed our hope in Him.

Will we be able to say to the Lord, “you are my hope”? Of course we can safely say these words. The verse five of the chapter 62 of the book of Psalms tells us the following:

My soul, wait thou only upon God; for my expectation is from him.

Psalm 62:5

Just as we can pronounce it, we must also feel it with all our hearts. Believe faithfully that our God is our hope. The words of this great man of God named David, he knew that his whole life was subject to the Lord, his hope came only from Him.

The verse that we have just seen is giving us a sample of how he told his own soul to rest in God, because his hope was in God, only in God.

Brothers in Christ our Lord, let us assimilate and understand these words, which help us to continue forward knowing that we have our hope before us, this is our God. So, the same God of the psalmist, this is also our God. Deposit everything in Him and continue to trust with all your heart.

Do not forget to do good and to share
Trust also in Him, And He shall bring it to pass

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