Burger King apologizes for advertising that offended Christians

Burger King apologizes for advertising that offended Christians

There are things that are not seen every day, as is the case of the gigantic and millionaire hamburger company Burger King, who for the past Easter 2022 used some somewhat peculiar advertising that ended up offending many Christians.

On the occasion of Easter, Burger King Spain sought to advertise for the vegetarian public and apparently making fun of Christians:

Carne de mi carne. Vegetal de vegetal. Publicidad semana santa burger king españa 

Instead of “meat of my flesh,” as Jesus once said, they crossed out the word “meat” and put “vegetable” so it reads “vegetable of my vegetable.” In the other advertising we can read “Take and eat all of it. It does not have meat”. One of the customs in many places during Holy Week is to refrain from eating meat, so for many believers this seems like a mockery. What do you think, do you see it as a mockery of Christianity?

As expected, there was a stir on social networks for this advertisement. The company wasted no time in offering its apologies through the following message:

Burger King España pide disculpas por publicidad de semana santa que ofendió a muchos cristianos
We apologize to all those who have been offended by our campaign aimed at promoting our vegetable products at Easter. Our intention has never been to offend anyone and the immediate withdrawal of the campaign has already been requested.

We would like you to leave a comment giving us your opinion on this topic. Do you think that Burger King has made this Easter advertising campaign to annoy the Christian public or did they just not do it with that intention?

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