Listen to the song “Nothing is impossible” in Korean

Listen to the song Nothing is impossible in Korean

We have always heard the phrase “nothing is impossible for God” and yes, it is one hundred percent true, because there is nothing impossible for our majestic God. Those things that are difficult for us, that we know it is impossible for us to achieve, are extremely easy for God.

The song “Nothing Is Impossible” sings about this, that with God nothing is impossible, and the Christian worship group of the WhorshipHouse church in Korea does a beautiful interpretation of this song in the Korean language.

Remember Jesus’ words in Luke 18:27: “And he said, The things which are impossible with men are possible with God.”

Enjoy this song in the Korean language. We hope it will be a great blessing to you:

Escucha la canción “Nada es imposible” en Coreano

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