Fight the good fight

Brothers, let’s not get tired of fighting, of fighting the good fight, let’s not give up along the way. Let’s follow the footsteps and examples of our Lord just as many of the ancients did, they were able to resist until the end.

Let’s not get tired of continuing, of fighting, we know that the struggles and difficulties are many, but these various trials that come into our lives make us stronger in the ways of the Lord.

If we get tired of fighting, then we will not achieve what has been promised by the Lord, let us remember that He is faithful and keeps His promises. So let us stand firm and strong before God, asking for wisdom and having love.

I have fought a good fight, I have finished my course, I have kept the faith:

2 Timothy 4:7

These were the words of Paul before he was sacrificed by those who were under the command of great men and who opposed the gospel of Christ.

Here we can see a joyful Paul talking about the faith he had during his preaching journey, referring to the great work he did in the work of the Lord. That is why we see in these words saying “I have fought the good fight”, although those battles were not easy, but he knew that the Lord was with him.

We also have the duty to fight in the ways of the Lord until the great day that we part with Him for all eternity. The ways of the Lord are not easy, and that is why we must ask for strength and wisdom every day so that at the end of our race we can pronounce the words that the apostle Paul spoke.

So, let’s take the example of this man of God and persevere on the Ways. Let’s not be afraid to carry our cross, let’s be strong, let’s fight the good fight, let’s follow the path to finish our race.

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