But the just shall live by his faith

For which brethren, these are the things we must cling to every day, we all who are carrying the divine justice of God. Those who are righteous will be the ones who by their enormous faith will live.

Our strength only comes from our God, He is the one who gives us that strength and courage that we need every day, that is why it is good that in your prayer you thank God for His great mercy and love, because if you are here today it is because He  has helped you sustain your faith. It is because of this faith that you are still standing.

Many do not recognize that if you are not fair, then you will not have faith and you will not be able to live by faith, since you do not possess it. But those who do know how to act before God, those who are humble and just, will be able to live by faith in the Lord and will overcome any type of eventuality.

Behold, his soul which is lifted up is not upright in him: but the just shall live by his faith.

Habakkuk 2:4

He who is not upright does what suits him best on his way, but he who is just always thinks that God is the one who sustains him. It is faith that guides the righteous, not the desires of his heart.

So, dear brothers and sisters, let us not let the flesh guide our way, let us not be blinded by the desires of this world, let faith take us, let us live by faith, let our decisions not be it to satisfy the desires of the flesh but to be reunited one day with our beloved Lord Jesus Christ.

Powerful to help those who are tempted
Each one will bear his own burden

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