Let not your heart be troubled

In the Gospel according to John we can see what Jesus said to His disciples, those whom He had called to follow Him, because in this way they would learn what Jesus wanted to teach them.

In the disciples there was always an enormous concern, this happened because Jesus spoke to them of many things that would happen, in the not too distant future. For these reasons they were very concerned. That is why the words that Jesus says in the following verse:

Let not your heart be troubled: ye believe in God, believe also in me.

John 14:1 (KJV)

Many words Jesus said made the disciples very thoughtful and worried, that is why Jesus also spoke words of encouragement to them. We clearly know that very difficult times were coming for those who were called by Jesus.

Before the verse we have just seen, Jesus was speaking to His disciples about the betrayal that He was going to suffer from one of His disciples. We can imagine how the disciples got at that moment, very worried, saying, “Is it me Lord?” Others were perhaps speaking inside of them.

But Jesus, in the words we just saw in John 14:1, tells His disciples to “be quiet and have peace in their hearts.”

We are living in difficult times, there is great uncertainty about the future and what the world will be like, the fear that nothing will be the same again. That is why we too can make ours these words that Jesus spoke to His disciples.

It does not matter what moment you are going through, if the Lord said that there will be peace in your heart, then believe that it will.

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