Rejoicing to have been counted worthy to suffer outrage for the Name’s sake

We are privileged because the Lord has selected us as His children, and for this reason let us rejoice in Him when we are persecuted for His cause, let us rejoice in His presence and not be sad because the joy that comes from Him must be eternal in our lives.

We were clearly considered worthy, our God loves us and chose us for a purpose, that purpose is that we can show the way to others, with this we show that His Name is above all names, and this is the God who lives and reigns for forever and ever.

The book of Acts gives us a sample of this great truth, of the great choice of the Lord, to be able to carry His word, and we all know that this has cost a lot, since when the name of Christ is mentioned, many are those who suffer and have suffered great persecutions because of His name:

And they departed from the presence of the council, rejoicing that they were counted worthy to suffer shame for his name.

Acts 5:41 (KJV)

In this verse we can see the author of Acts mentioning what happened to the apostles after their call, those who lived with the Master, who learned with Him, Jesus Himself told them that all these things would happen because of His name.

During their preaching, they were beaten and mistreated, but they already knew that all these things would happen. Are you going through some kind of persecution because of His Name? Do not stop preaching, because by His Name we would be persecuted just as it happened with the apostles. God is with you.

Let not your heart be troubled
Give thanks in everything

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