Pastor rejects online services saying: “Zoom is not the church”

Pastor rejects online services saying- Zoom is not the church

The famous Baptist pastor of Grace Community Church, John MacArthur, has been involved in different controversies since the beginning of the pandemic, when he was involved in legal matters when the whole world was asked to close the churches to stop the coronavirus.

MacArthur always held the idea that the church has its own voice, and that it should not be commanded by governments, therefore, he did not close the doors of his congregation and this led him to be involved in legal battles (which he won).

Starting from that time, MacArthur makes the point very clearly that the Zoom church or virtual services do not count as a biblical church. It is to be known that after what happened with the pandemic, many congregations have evolved with online services and it has not been a problem for them to adapt.

But the theologian MacArthur does not think the same, since he says that virtual services do not have the genuine character necessary to replace a face-to-face service.

The pastor was talking about this on an episode of the program “Grace To You” on October 31, 2021. He spoke of biblical passages that paint a perfect picture of what worship and true spiritual gathering really is.

Zoom church is not church. It is not the Church. You are watching TV. There is nothing in that that meets the biblical definition of coming together, encouraging one another to love and good works, to come together.

He continued talking about the idea of a true church, of the characteristics that it must fulfill, such as: Worshiping together, sharing spiritual gifts and listening to the preaching together, which he says that in a virtual worship it cannot be perceived.

And you, do you really think that an online church is the same as a face-to-face one?

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