Girl resurrected with WhatsApp audio, pastors say

Girl resurrected with WhatsApp audio, pastors say

Ariel Santacruz and his wife Esmilce Alfonzo are the pastors of the Gloria de Dios World Apostolic Center Church in Paraguay. The pastors confirm that they have “raised more than ten people from the dead”, even saying that a girl came back from death after listening to a WhatsApp audio.

Pastor Ariel Santacruz, who is called an apostle by his followers, expressed that those miracles are not performed by them but by God. He also said about miracles and wonders that there are simply creative miracles, “which have to do with signs and wonders, which are written in the Word of God”.

Alfonzo’s wife narrated the way in which a girl supposedly resurrected through a WhatsApp audio:

My husband prayed and sent the audio to the mother of the deceased girl and told her to put the cell phone in her little daughter’s ear, that would listen and she would resurrect. And God worked that way. They were in Posadas, Argentina, and we were in EncarnaciĆ³n, but God has no distance to work.

He went on to affirm that God has raised more than 10 dead through his ministry and that there is still much to do on this earth. They also talked about how in recent days his church has been growing, so they need more space and chairs.

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