“God is my hope”: Message engraved on Olympic medalist shoes

God is my hope: Message engraved on Olympic medalist shoes

Marieleidy Paulino has won a silver medal at this year’s 2021 Tokyo Olympics in the 400 meter dash.

The athlete has impressed with a message engraved on her tennis shoes that says: “God is my hope. Amen”.

Dios es mi esperanza - Marileidy Paulino

The Dominican has shown the world the pride of her flag and the faith placed in God and she did this by taking the Dominican flag with one hand and the Bible with the other, and of course, the encouraging message on her slippers.

Marileidy Paulino - Biblia - Bandera - Dios es mi esperanza - Tenis

It should be noted that Marieleidy becomes the first Dominican with at least two medals in the Olympic games despite not winning gold, being the Dominican with limited resources and a well-founded Christian faith, it is an incredible happiness for her friends, country and the world.

She is the third Latin American woman to achieve this achievement, and the most beautiful thing in this story is how the young woman took the Bible showing everyone how important God and His Word are.

Let’s be like this woman, and teach the world that the Bible is relevant.

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