Boy healed of unknown disease wants to spread Jesus around the world

Boy healed of unknown disease wants to spread Jesus around the world

Our testimony can serve as a bridge so that more people can learn about the great things that God does, and this is the case of Arthur Ansuattigui, a just 10 years old boy who suffered from certain ailments as a child, but even the best doctors could not give a clear diagnosis of his illness.

For this mysterious disease, Arthur had to be hospitalized many times, he tells that when he was just one month old, they gave him a blood transfusion.

Arthur himself has told his testimony through a transmission from the Attitude Baptist Church in Rio de Janeiro. He says that when his mother did not see that the doctors had a clear answer to this disease process, then she only began to pray that God would heal her son.

The boy said that his mother had said a prayer, in which she told God that if He saved her son, then she would take him to church. Later the mother was listening to a preacher on television, and she felt that God Himself spoke to her when the preacher said, “Your son will get a new life.”

And according to Arthur testifies, a day after her mother had heard these words, her son was already healthy.

And apparently, this was not the only miracle, since Arthur says that at the age of two years a cyst was detected on his head and they had to leave the emergency on a plane, which could make the cyst burst but it was not. From there, God was already performing a powerful miracle in Arthur’s life.

Arthur has not lived a common childhood, but he has had to go through many crossroads, but today, at just 10 years old, he can testify to the whole world that there is a powerful God who can do great works.

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