Glory is not for us but for God

Whenever we do something, we must do it for the glory of God. Let us remember that our God is worthy of all glory and honor.

Be it songs or works, or that we have received some kind of miracle from our God, we must attribute everything to the glory of our God, so above all, let us praise God on all heights. The gods of wood and stone created by humans are not above the glory and majesty of our mighty God.

In case many do not want to recognize the glory of God, our own God will make us understand that all the glory is for Him. Many have not understood that no matter how much they worship other Gods, no God is above the greatest and sublime that is our God, let us ignore other “gods” who cannot do anything.

All glory, all empire and majesty, all power, are in the glorious name of our God. Let us praise Him forever. Reading Psalm 115:1, we can see the song and what the author says about worshiping and exalting the only mighty God.

Not unto us, O Lord, not unto us, but unto thy name give glory, for thy mercy, and for thy truth’s sake.

Psalm 115:1 (KJV)

Let us not boast ourselves, let us not act like we are protected by ourselves, let us not think that everything we do is to boast in a great way.

The glory is of God and only for Him, every knee bow before Him, praising and giving all exaltation only to our God. Who is like our God?, great in mercy, let us be recognizers of the true, of the power and majesty that dwell in Him.

May God fill you with joy and peace
God is great

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