God is great

Brothers, our God is great, let us never doubt that, He helps us, sustains us and gives us shelter, He is a God who leads us on our best path and makes us tread firmly.

Knowing the Lord, surrendering to Him, is the best thing that can happen to a person, knowing the great God and Creator of all things, who does justice and that His mercy is every day in our lives. How can we doubt how great and wonderful our God is?

God is very great and is able to help those who seek Him, lifting them up and strengthening them in moments of weakness. Job spoke about the greatness of God:

Behold, God is mighty, and despiseth not any: he is mighty in strength and wisdom.

Job 36:5

Sometimes we are such incredulous people that seeing things in front of our eyes we do not believe such a wonderful God, who works wonders in our lives. But our God is great, so great and merciful that even we, not believing, gives us things that we do not deserve.

Job clearly says that God is great. Even when Job was in the most difficult time of his life, he recognized the greatness, power and wisdom of our God. With all clarity this man makes this statement saying that God is mighty in strength of wisdom, because just as He is great and strong, He is also his power and his wisdom, teaching us good things to continue standing.

Let us believe our God, let us worship His name because His glory is great, His empire is magnificent, and His power is forever and ever. Behold, God is great.

Glory is not for us but for God
Be vigilant, stand firm, strive

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