Hillsong temporarily closes Dallas church as ex-pastors are investigated

Hillsong Church has been involved in a number of inconveniences, some of them very outrageous.

Hillsong is known for its many members around the world, its churches and the visits of all the famous people who have gathered there, in all parts of the world we have been able to notice that the word of the Lord reaches and transforms hearts.

In the Texas church in the United States, several situations happened which puzzled the entire congregation due to the mismanagement of their pastors, those who were placed and who also had to withdraw from the pastorate in the church located in Texas.

Due to these generated situations the leader of the Hillsong church sent an email requesting that the church be closed until further notice. This temporary closure will be until they can have a leader who is confirmed by the organization and who is prepared for that church in Texas.

So far it is not known when this church will reopen, since investigations are being carried out to the ministers who were previously in Dallas Texas. According to reports, they, the leaders of the Hillsong church in Texas, mismanaged the funds of that church.

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