Morning prayer to give thanks to God

Lord Jesus, every morning I prostrate myself before You, to thank You for seeing the sunlight once more, for allowing me to see the beauty that You have created, for Your great love and mercy, may You be blessed Lord forever.

Oh Lord Jesus, every morning I thank You and I ask You that I may continue to enjoy Your wonderful creation my God, I do not forget to thank You, to praise You Lord, to sing psalms only to Your glorious name.

Every morning Oh Lord, when I wake up, I know that You are with me Lord, that is why I do not stop praying and praising Your name. You Lord are my sustenance, only You change my lament into dance, that is why I must praise You and cry out to You, because You guide me every day.

Lord Jesus, I need You to help me to trust You more and more, I want You to help me, I continue to thank You my God because when I trust You, then I will be able to sleep peacefully:

I laid me down and slept; I awaked; for the Lord sustained me.

Psalm 3:5 (KJV)

If every morning I can wake up and see the sunlight, it is because You have wanted it that way. Lord, I pray to You, because You do not abandon me, I ask You that my cry may always reach Your throne, that Your ears are always ready to hear me when I pray to You.

I will always thank You every day Lord, because every day is the day You created.

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