God cares for us

Brothers in Christ, let us believe every day in our God who is great and powerful, no one is like Him. His care for us will always be present.

Let’s get rid of all doubts and fear that may be in our minds and hearts. Why do you doubt God’s care? Why do you think you are alone in delicate moments? I have something good to tell you, you know, God is always in control of things, God knows the way you have to walk, His care never leaves you, your children, or all your relatives.

Peter calls on all those who have problems:

Casting all your care upon him; for he careth for you.

1 Peter 5:7

Here we can see this great call that He makes to us, that all anxiety be cast before our God, since He cares for us.

Let us trust in the Lord, let us not hesitate to ask God to always help us with our burdens and to pour out new strength to continue.

Let us not stop trusting in the One who cares for us and let us remember what a Christian song says: God cares for me, under the shadows of His wings, God cares for me, I love His house and I am not alone.

We faithfully believe in our God, let us not doubt the care of Him in our lives. He is always present.

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