The pastor who “prophesied” the coming of Christ does not appear nor does the money of the believers

For us, the coming of Christ could occur at any moment, but there are many who claim to know the approximate moment in which He will come and convince others to wait for Him on a specific day or time.

Today we will talk about a new case of this type and it is from Pastor Gabriel Alberto Ferrer Ruíz, who convinced his parishioners that Christ was already arriving on Earth and also convinced them to sell all their goods and give him the money from the sales of such goods.

After selling his belongings, the members of the Berea church, Isabel López, in the Atlantic district of Colombia, spent two weeks in the pastor’s house waiting for the coming of our Beloved Lord Jesus Christ.

As you already know, the day of the coming of Jesus Christ has not happened, and these people continued in the house of the pastor waiting for an answer, because he did not appear.

He finally appeared but on YouTube, saying that he was misunderstood and encouraged followers to keep waiting for Jesus Christ. After the YouTube video, the pastor has not been seen again and nothing more is known about him.

Jorge Luis Manotas, mayor of Sabanalarga reported that the members of Pastor Ferrer’s church have searched for the pastor at the church and at his house and they cannot find him, nor does he answer cell phone calls.

With cases like this it is that we verify that we must search the Scriptures so as not to be deceived, since they themselves declare:

But of that day and hour knoweth no man, no, not the angels of heaven, but my Father only.

Matthew 24:36

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