Doctors pray for their COVID-19 patients

Doctors pray for their COVID-19 patients

Samaritan’s Purse is a demonstration that the church is relevant, because, in the midst of this health crisis caused by Covid-19, it has contributed its grain of sand by making a field hospital in the United States.

The organization has installed a small medical center equipped with about 30 beds, a pharmacy area, medical supplies, etc. It is located in the parking lot of Lenoir Hospital in North Carolina.

Although they do not have fans, it is an extremely necessary center for the town, given the infections that rise brutally and the deaths amount to about a thousand every day.

The patients who go to this center are those that the regional hospitals cannot treat because their capacity is exhausted.

In addition to this great help, Shelly Kelly, a 49-year-old nurse at the center, tells how this place is more than a hospital, as each doctor prays for each patient.

Although Shelly also explained that they are trained to respect the faith of each patient, so that before praying with them, they ask if they agree or not to have a prayer. If the patient answers no, then the doctor respects that decision.

Easton said about her medical staff:

They are very competent and compassionate caregivers. All of my medical staff, my doctors, my nurses, all the people on the front lines of our organization, feel so much gratitude and appreciation for the help they provide to patients.

Samaritan’s Purse staff see this job more as a way to bring out the love of Jesus to others.

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