Young people walk the streets of Italy preaching the gospel

Young people walk the streets of Italy preaching the gospel

The gospel is “good news”, “salvation”, the only message that can transform a person’s life. Some young people from Italy are convinced that this is so, since they have decided to go out into the streets of Rome to bring the good news of Salvation.

The Bible tells us as a mandate for everyone who calls himself to be a Christian that we must preach the Gospel to every creature (Mark 16:15), for which it makes it a legitimate duty of every believer and Luca Martini sees it from that same form by challenging young people to preach whenever the opportunity presents itself.

Luca uploaded a video on social media and said:

The least we could do was preach in front of the Colosseum in memory of our brothers and for Jesus Christ to return soon.

But you have to know that preaching represents challenges and you have to face them, such as the fact of a man who was on a crutch and did not want to receive prayer. Luca sees it as a part of the Gospel, receiving rejection from others, and that is completely true.

What happened now can happen a lot, when they throw you out like a dog when you go to talk about Jesus. Don’t think we were sad because the guy treated us badly, no. We are ready for that. What makes me sad is that people don’t want to hear it.

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